Why Wells County, IN?

We are proudly located in a state consistently having the best business climate in the Midwest, a Midwest leader in Pro-Business attitudes, the best in the Midwest for low taxes, and only one of nine states nationally with an AAA S&P rating.  And…Indiana is a Right to Work state!  Not bad to start. We use a region-wide approach to initiatives necessary for success, including workforce development, transportation enhancement, entrepreneurialism, and overall quality of life.  At Wells County, free time is filled by the many great parks, rivers, festivals, and amenities found in our amazing 370 square miles.  Yet because of our location, residents enjoy a professional baseball game or national entertainment acts a few minutes to our north, boating... Read more

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Our Definition of Community

Wells County is characterized by the strength of the people.

Educated and hardworking, the people of Wells County have a mutual respect for the heritage yet share in a future vision of growth and innovation.

Wells County values are influenced by a sense of community.