The Wells County Revitalization Committee, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization that exists to advance the economic development and prosperity of the citizens and businesses of Wells County, Indiana, by encouraging trade, commerce and community improvements.

The Corporation is a public benefit corporation that shall be organized and operated to benefit, perform, and carry out the charitable purposes of Wells County Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (the “Supported Organization”), as such purposes are described in Sections 170(c)(2)(B), 501(c)(3), 2055(a)(2), and 2522(a)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, or corresponding provisions of any subsequent federal tax laws (the “Code”).


The successful economic development team works diligently to support a sustainable and vibrant local economy in Wells County by providing exemplary service to existing, emerging and prospect businesses. Taking a strategic and collaborative approach, our team finds effective solutions to challenges by utilizing available economic development tools to help businesses reach their maximum growth potential.


The Wells County Chamber of Commerce has one of the most successful economic development records in Indiana. Since 2007, the economic development efforts have produced $800 million in new Capital Investment and the creation of 2000 new jobs, and two Competitive Consolidation wins that resulted in which has resulted in Wells County maintaining one of the lowest Unemployment Rates (Non-Seasonal) in Indiana.

Investment in the Wells County Revitalization Committee, Inc. will have a direct and positive impact on our local economy by:

  • Creating additional opportunities for your business in an expanding local customer base
  • Facilitating jobs creation and retention
  • Increasing Per Capita and Household Incomes
  • Growing our Local Tax Base to maintain the lowest possible tax levels
  • Decreasing poverty and its burden on government by creating and retaining high-quality employment opportunities
  • Supporting one of the most successful economic development programs in Indiana

Investments in Wells County Revitalization, Inc. are tax deductable.